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Radio Properties is an Authorized Kenwood (Land Mobile Radio) Dealer providing comprehensive Kenwood Two-Way Radio Sales and Service. We are Proud to be an Authorized Stocking Dealer for new Kenwood Communications Equipment.

Installing a single radio, a small business radio system, or large fleet radio system? Care to add Global Positioning or text messaging? Your "direct connect" telephone rather expensive to operate? Two-Way radio now includes adavanced technology at much lower operating costs.
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Service LMR Dealers operating within authorized guidelines are not normally able to provide "shopping basket" options on our web sites. If you contact us in person, we are always quite happy to provide price and availability for Authorized Kenwood Sales.
TK-863 Mobile
TK-862 Mobile.
TK-373 Portable
(707) 678-4187
Skipp May: Sales and Technical Support.
Abbey Poudles: Office Supervisor
We reply to Emails quite fast, from the shop and field service locations.
Best no-appointement, walk in service and phone shop hours are 5-9 PM PST