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Radio Properties provides sales and service of communications products to fulfill your individual or company needs. We carry a complete line of the most popular mobile radio technology products. Stay on top of your business and stay in tune with customers' needs.

Radio Properties is an Authorized Kenwood LMR (Two Way Radio) Dealer providing comprehensive Kenwood LMR Sales and Service. We are Proud to be an Authorized Stocking Dealer for new Kenwood LMR (two-way) Radio Equipment.
Our core business is Repeater Site Access, Radio Service and Sales.

We operate Trunked, Conventional, Hybrid UHF & VHF Radio Systems and Mountain Top Radio Sites in Northern California.

We offer Repeater Site Engineering and Technical Services, which include Turnkey Communications Systems and Complex Antenna Combiner Systems.

Use your equipment or our FCC Licensed Repeaters in Conventional or LTR (Trunking) Format. We support a Hybrid Passport and Cross Band Switch system.

We try to provide the best and most cost effective radio service. We've been local to the Communications Industry for over 25 years.

We service all brands of products where possible, which include legacy migrations for discountined radios and electronics.
Our Northern California Service and Coverage Area includes the Metro San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley.

The Red Star shows our Flagship Mt. Vaca Repeater Site, which directly views the Sacramento Valley and includes coverage into the Northern San Francisco Bay Area.